Wednesday 24 April 2013

Therapy Sewing

Everyone has rough days, where they feel unsettled and cranky and generally lost.  Some people wallow in it, and some people have methods of pulling themselves out of the funk.  I have a couple of methods.  One of them is baking, cakes or muffins or pies or bread...and the other is sewing.  Naturally.  So yesterday when one of Those Days came along, despite the pile of work growling at me from the corner of the living room, I decided to ignore it and make myself a dress.

This was the pattern I went with.  It's one I've used before for a full length dress.  I intended to make another long dress, but the way I work is by finding a pattern I can run with and then seeing what pieces of fabric I have that I can use.
In the deep recesses of one of my boxes I found this piece of rust/dark salmon/hard to determine coloured fabric.  I have no idea where I got it but probably Value Village.  There's some really awesome fabric there.  All different sizes of pieces but some really cool stuff.  This one is some sort of uber cheap polyester but it's all shiny and crepe-like in texture.  It could totally pass for silk....

My main problem was that apparently last time I used this pattern I didn't put all the pieces back in the envelope.  My bad.  But I extrapolated from the pieces I did have and managed to cut it all.

The other thing was that I was going to use black cotton for a lining....and started cutting it until I realized that fabric I needed for the play I'm designing.  Oops.  Had to salvage that.

 Also had to run to Fabricland for some notions.  I love how they call this stuff notions.  It makes sewing sound that much more fanciful.  So I got some black lace trim and buttons.
 Oh it was only a matter of time.  The cat thinks she helps with sewing. 

She's wrong.  But she won't get off my lap while I'm working.  I've become an expert at working around the cat.
 Empire waists are so fun.  They always look weirdly huge and flouncy but once the waist and sleeves are pretty!
 Like that! 
And trimmed with the lace like this!

Side note, I love my old sewing machine.  It's a hand me down from my granny and it runs beautifully.  I love the old mechanical machines.  This one breaks down from time to time but I can open it up and see what happened and fix it.  I'm like MacGyver!'s the finished product!  Although this picture makes me realize I really need to iron it.  Oops.  But I like the general look.  I'm pleased with it as a quick afternoon therapy project!

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