Wednesday 17 April 2013

The Season Begins!

I like to call it "The Season."  It conjures up images of dancing debutantes and high society.

But MY Season is Film Season.  Theatre Festival Season.  Birthday Season too, along with Equestrian Archery Season.  Basically, it's Costume Design Season!  Life is about to get much busier - I'm currently working on the design for a Youth Infringement Festival show, a series of short films, and am reading the script for a feature film that I'll start work on late this week or early next, TBD.  I'm also working on an 1830s style dress just as a project for me (pictures will be up soon!) as well as making my sister's prom dress.

One last note - if you live in Ottawa and are interested in working in the film industry, make sure you come out to THIS event tonight.  The Ottawa Film Office is hosting a job fair so come on out with plenty of resumes and much optimism!

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