Tuesday 4 March 2014

New Year, New Leaf?

Happy 2014!

My new year's resolution of one blog post a month is off to a bad start (obviously) but I hope to pick things up as things go along!  There are a lot of things I look forward to sharing with you all over the coming months.  Here are a few highlights:

- I have become a part of Silver Stag Entertainment!  Check out their website and their YouTube channel!
- I have a show on the Silver Stag channel called "The Sewing Table" in which I document my sewing (mis)adventures.  Only one episode so far - as I work on an "Elsa" dress! - but more will come, if/when I can solve my technical problems.  Check it out here.
- I bought a dress at Value Village this weekend that I'm planning to upcycle into an Edwardian era dress.  That will be fun...
- It can be really hard sometimes to know where to start with costume design, but I'm here to help!  A review of several costuming books will be coming soon!

Writing it out made me realize I actually have work to do.  Time to get going!

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