Saturday 26 October 2013


Ok, so I know it's been a while.  Way too long, really.  Unforgivably long.

At the time of my last post, I was in the home stretch of prep for a feature film that is set between 1814 and 1870...I forget now.  That's embarrassing.  Anyway the movie is called "Tell the World" and you can read about it here

Of course, it was too good to be true for me, and only two weeks into the shoot I was struck down with mono.  Which, in case you were curious, is a really really vicious disease.  I always thought "ok, mono, it makes you tired but it's not that bad..." Yeah that was a very wrong idea.  Four doctors, two trips to the ER, more blood tests/xrays/CT scans/IVs than I care to think about, and four months later I'm vaguely starting to recover.

It normally doesn't take that long but me, thinking that it wasn't that bad, kept working and kept working.  Finished "Tell the World" and immediately started prep on a new CBC series that will premiere in January, "The Best Laid Plans."  I made it through prep and the first block of shooting, but by that point I was so much sicker and the doctors told me that I had come down with something else on top of mono (that they're still trying to figure out) and I had to quit.

It was pretty much the worst thing ever...until I got a call the other day asking me to design a show in a couple of weeks and I couldn't.  I honestly couldn't.  I'm not well enough yet.  And it's KILLING ME.

But as my energy comes back, at least I can get back to this blog.  I still have to post about my ComicCon costumes, one of which came back for Geek Market!  And it's Hallowe'en this week, which is both my favourite and least favourite time - because while it's the perfect time to show off the best costume I can come up with, it's also so much pressure to create the best costume possible!

And I might be getting involved in something else.  Low key, because that's all I can manage.  And I'll be needing help from some of my awesome wardrobe crew friends.  But I need something!

So.  New posts will come this week.  All will be revealed.  Promise!

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